Why the museum?

"The idea of collecting and organizing the historic documented material and the tools used for the production in the past came from the desire to share the passion for our job with all the visitors who have supported our company throughout the years, as customers or as tourists.
Every year our museum is the destination of school groups, tourists and curious people who carefully listen to the history of Salumificio Parodi, observing and learning about the traditional tools and who taste the specialities of our Salumificio.
This is how the Museum of Salumificio Parodi was created, a small but wealthy witness to the over one hundred year-old tradition of the company that I have personally and carefully set up."

Emanuela Parodi


The Itinerary

The experience is “a real full immersion in the Salumificio Parodi atmosphere” as suggested by one of our last visitors.

We start with a presentation of our company story, of our traditional products and we talk about the connection with the territory of Sant’Olcese.
Then we move on to the entrance, in the dry room, where salamis rest for several days surrounded by the smoke of the ancient wood stove.
Finally, we go to the meeting room where we can appreciate historical tools; there we will serve you a special tasting of our renowned products.


Book your visit

The visits to the historical Salumificio are organised for tourist and schools groups, associations, private visitors and amateurs; booking is required.
Visits can be booked by contacting directly Mrs Emanuela Parodi on the business numbers or on the mobile phone 348.650.18.44 or by sending an e-mail (clicking on the following link):


The logistics and the organization are defined by Emanuela, depending on the specific preferences and necessities of time, days and period of the year




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