Who we are

For over a century our business has offered our clients the authentic taste and flavours of days gone by.
A delicious and tasty story that began in Sant’Olcese, Genoa, in the middle of the 19th century, when Luigi Parodi (born 1830, the current owner’s great-grandfather) began to produce this famous salami.
In 1908, Federico pursued his father’s business and founded the current Company that continues to produce “Il Santolcese©” following the standards of the ancient and original tradition.
In our careful choice of raw materials, our passion, and dedication to the handcrafted production, combined with current regulations, even our most savvy customers appreciate the consistent quality of our traditional and original salami.
The current owners consider traditions as a precious heritage, for this reason Federico and Emanuela Parodi, father and daughter, continue to produce “Il Santolcese©” and some other cold cuts pursuing the same passion and attention to detail in the manner of their ancestors.

In 2012, Salumificio Parodi Sant’Olcese was recorded in the Italian National Register of historic companies, established by the Chambers of Commerce.



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